Sign this Petition to the Pittsboro Town Board asking then to reject the amended North Village Small Area Plan:

– Reject a proposed through-road route that would go very close to the Haw River buffer – rather than a more direct and central route. This new road alignment would create more traffic, light, noise, and runoff pollution near the river;

– Reject a plan for a 10 ft wide, paved Chatham Park pedestrian and bicycle greenway, in a 30 ft cleared easement along the Haw and through the Lower Haw River State Natural Area. Any trail along the river should be apart of the overall Haw River State Trail Plan, and be a natural surface trail in keeping with conservation goals for the State Natural Area.

– Reject any further weakening of tree coverage requirements; and ensure compliance of Chatham Park’s prior commitment to 35% tree coverage of preserved existing trees within 2000 ft. of the Haw River;

– Reject Bynum Beach Road being used by North Village for anything other than emergency access. There should be no widening or expansion of this road, which is very close to the river and within a flood hazard area.

Sign the Petition at:

Land already under development in Chatham Park North Village area (aerial photo by Emily Sutton)
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