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In efforts to mitigate this issue, the Haw River Assembly is partnering with local businesses to eliminate single-use plastics in their business models. Look out for our campaigns window decal and support these local businesses working to eliminate the consumption of microplastics one straw at a time!

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  • You’re Probably Inhaling Microplastics Right Now: A new study found plentiful evidence of these tiny particles in dust in the nation’s most remote places.
  • Plastic Rain is the New Acid Rain: Writing today in the journal Science, researchers report a startling discovery: After collecting rainwater and air samples for 14 months, they calculated that over 1,000 metric tons of microplastic particles fall into 11 protected areas in the western US each year. That’s the equivalent of over 120 million plastic water bottles.
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  • Plastics in our Watershed
Plastic Wars

For decades, Americans have been sorting their trash believing that most plastic could be recycled. But the truth is, the vast majority of all plastic produced can’t be or won’t be recycled. In 40 years, less than 10% of plastic has ever been recycled.

In a joint investigation, NPR and the PBS series Frontline found that oil and gas companies — the makers of plastic — have known that all along, even as they spent millions of dollars telling the American public the opposite.