Learn how you can volunteer with the Haw River Assembly!

Current Opportunities

Check out ways to volunteer in watershed activism here. These opportunities to stay involved have deadlines, so make sure you check them out first!

Motes Creek Stream Restoration in Saxapahaw: Saturday, Feb. 27, we will be replanting the buffer with native species donated by Mellow Marsh Farm. If you’d like to help for a livestaking day, please fill out this form. Limited spots available due to COVID-19 restriction.

PLEDGE: Manure and wastewater from Contained Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) have the potential to contribute pollutants such as nitrogen and phosphorus, organic matter, sediments, pathogens, hormones, and antibiotics to the environment. Sign the pledge, here, to support sustainable farmers for your holiday meals this year and use the map to find your local sustainable farmers.

CONTACT: your state representatives (email, letter, phone call, or even better- a zoom meeting!) and let them know what issues they should be prioritizing in the upcoming legislative session. Find your state senators and representatives here.

Annual Opportunities

We host these events annually, and we would love for you to be a part of them! Reach out to us if you’re interested in helping or participating.

Haw River Clean-Up-A-Thon: Our watershed wide clean up is typically celebrated the third weekend in March. HRA could use you’re help securing supplies for volunteers, organizing trash pick up and reaching out to sponsors in the months before, not to mention – we need help cleaning up too!

Haw River Festival: Celebrated in May on the first Saturday in Saxapahaw, HRA puts on a festival with live music, food trucks, river activities and more! Volunteers help on the day of the event, provide items for our silent auction, and by spreading the word with flyers and on social media.

Wild & Scenic Film Festival: Join us in a night of activism inspired films while volunteering! We could use help spreading the word of our late August event on social media as well as passing out memberships and popcorn the night of the event. Or help us reach out to sponsors before the big night!

Haw River Learning Celebration: Be a sticker, a floater or a meal provider, but whatever you do – join us on the river in late September – October for ‘the GREATEST field trip EVER’! The Learning Celebration requires people of all professional backgrounds to run smoothly. To learn more about the roles of Learning Celebration volunteers check out the Hand Dandy Volunteer Guide or see what is means to be a meal provider here.

Ongoing Opportunities

Take advantage of ongoing opportunities to volunteer with us! These opportunities are available year round and designed to work with your schedule.

River Watch: Join a network of teams monitoring streams and creeks throughout the Haw River watershed! Teams are trained and supplied with equipment to conduct 4 quarterly surveys of their stream location yearly to document changes in physical, chemical, and biological parameters.

Climate Action Campaign: Join our biweekly calls to see how you can help in spreading the work and helping us partner with existing climate action/justice organizations on the issues that threaten the climate health of our watershed.

Muddy Water Watch: Sediment pollution is the number one contaminant by volume in NC waterways. Through a monitoring app, we are able to document and report potential violations quickly to prevent sediment loads in our streams. Check out our project page or find the app, instructions and reviews here.

Plastics Pledge: In efforts to mitigate the issue of micro plastics in the Haw, we need your help calling and partnering with local businesses to eliminate single-use plastics in their business models. Consumers will be able to see our campaigns window decal and support these local businesses working to eliminate the consumption of micro plastics one straw at a time! Check our our research on our webpage or see the Plastics Pledge here.

Individual Clean Ups: Just because we’re not hosting it doesn’t mean you can’t make it happen! Know of a spot located near you that could use some TLC? Tell us about it so we can help you out with supplies and help you record the trash you pick up! Contact krooks@hawriver.org for more about supplies.