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Chatham Park/DOT REVISED 404 Permit Application Should be Denied

We believe this revised 404 application to the Division of Water Resources still does not provide adequate information, or justification for the negative impacts it will have on water, the environment and the surrounding community, and should be denied again. The 2240 acres of North Village and the new North Chatham Parkway cannot be built without this permit. See HRA’s full comment letter at

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Weaving Together a Community Through Sustainable Farming

Isaiah is the chef and a co-owner of The Eddy, a cozy pub tucked on the banks on the Haw River in Saxapahaw, N.C. The Eddy serves dishes like summer ratatouille with spicy duck merguez sausage, purchasing almost every box of produce and side of meat from local farms that share its commitment to the area’s soil and water. 
He serves as a reminder to all of us that we can work from where we are, whether it’s in our state legislature or behind a bar, and lead in a way that protects our waters and builds up our neighbors.

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Haw River dangerous in High Water

See the USGS river flow prediction here.  The river is dangerous during high water due to strong currents and pollution from stormwater and sewage overflows. Sewer overflows from upriver cities such as Greensboro and Burlington are common in heavy rain events. The Haw River has claimed the lives of paddlers and swimmers over the years.  Don’t swim when the water is high, and for paddlers, check the river gauges and river level safety information HERE.

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Swim Guide in the time of COVID19

We are starting our second year of our Swim Guide program. We collect and analyze water samples E-coli bacteria at popular swimming locations before each summer weekend, and publicize the results as pass/fail for safety.  Get the Swim Guide at  We have added a few new boat accesses this year. Four swim beaches at Jordan Lake State Park will remain closed until July 1st – we will start sampling at those locations once they reopen.  Beach and river accesses that remain open will likely be more crowded – stay safe during Covid-19. If you are able, please consider making a one time donation to support our Swim Guide program!

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National Environmental Protection Act under attack


The nation’s bedrock environmental law is under attack from the Trump administration. We need your help to fight back.

The Trump administration is working to strip away public input, a core component of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). For the past 50 years NEPA has provided communities like yours with the ability to voice your concerns about offshore drilling, interstate highways, pipelines and polluting industrial plants. This ultimately allows these big projects to be fair, transparent and in the best interest of the communities they will serve.

Submit a comment here by March 10 to oppose these environmental attacks

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