Haw River Clean-Up-A-Thon

Our 31st Annual Clean Up Was A Success!

On Saturday, March 20th, we hosted the Haw River Clean Up A Thon – our 31st annual watershed wide effort to remove trash from creeks, streams and trails leading to the Haw River. The event also raises awareness about the impacts of our consumption habits and brings people together at the river and local creeks. Enthusiasm surrounding clean ups continues to grow and this year 364 volunteers at 36 different teams and locations removed 467 bags of trash, 29 tires and several other large items including box springs, a refrigerator, televisions, car bumpers and more! Wow! Don’t forget to check out additional team photos on our Facebook page. 

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This year there is a limit of 15 people per group due to safety concerns surrounding COVID-19. We recommend less people per group if the clean up location doesn’t allow for proper social distancing.

Masks are REQUIRED.