2023 State of the Haw Report

This report was made to share our insights about the river’s health and water quality with the public.

This report is a result of investigations on several parameters that threaten the Haw watershed. Investigations begin with citizen complaints, new permit or project proposals, or general scouting patrols done by our Haw Riverkeeper Emily Sutton and staff. We conduct sampling with EPA certified and calibrated meters, macroinvertebrate surveys and partner with certified laboratories for sample results that we can not process internally. For detailed information regarding our monitoring methods and procedures, visit www.healthofthehaw.org.

This data not only informs the public of water quality issues, which can prevent harm from exposure due to swimming, paddling, or drinking water consumption, but also guides our advocacy. When sources of pollution are discovered and properly identified, we work with state agencies and legal firms to uphold the Clean Water Act and hold the polluters accountable. This report also shows us where to prioritize those efforts based on the greatest threats to water quality.

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