The Haw River Assembly is a 501(c)(3) non-profit citizens’ group founded in 1982 to restore and protect the Haw River and Jordan Lake, and to build a watershed community that shares this vision. Our goals are to promote environmental education, conservation and pollution prevention; to speak as a voice for the river in the public arena; and to put into peoples’ hands the tools and the knowledge they need to be effective guardians of the river.

Join us in our fight to leave our river cleaner than when you started! We have several fall, spring and summer, semester-long internships for college students. We have both in-person opportunities and completely remote that will allow students who are all over our watershed to gain the communication and technical skills it takes to protect a river and environment in their future careers and personal lives. Check out some brief descriptions below and apply today for the semester of your choosing!

Ongoing Internships

Sustainable Agriculture Internship

The Haw River watershed is fortunate to have many alternatives to the industrial animal agriculture model. This program would allow us to promote those alternative models within our watershed. This student would map locations of sustainable farms, promote our River Friendly farm practice list and create social media content about the problems of industrial animal agriculture as opposed to the benefits of a more sustainable approach to farming. This student would work with our Haw Riverkeeper and farmers throughout the watershed to highlight the work farmers are doing to protect our water resources.


To apply please send your cover letter (optional) and resume to Haw Riverkeeper, Emily Sutton at

PFAS Mapping Internship

PFAS, or polyfluoroalkyl substances, are industrial toxins that do not break down in drinking water treatment. This internship program involves mapping existing PFAS sampling data and creating a web resource for the general public to know where PFAS contamination has been documented across the state. The internship program would also involve creating media content about the different types of contaminate sources across the state and how these compounds get into our food, water, and air. These resources will serve as a building block for state policy and advocacy work for Riverkeepers and advocates across the state.


To apply please send your cover letter (optional) and resume to Haw Riverkeeper, Emily Sutton at

Watershed Education & Events Interning Coordinator

The Haw River Assembly hosts a variety of ongoing educational programming and recurring (fundraising and subsidized) events to promote advocacy, conservation, environmental education and awareness and pollution prevention; as well as several seasonal events. The responsibilities of the Watershed Education & Events Interning Coordinator will include event promotion and content creation, assisting in environmental education tabeling and programing, volunteer recruitment, coordinating raffle and thank you gift donation and additional tasks that assist in preparing and hosting education programs and events.


To apply please send your cover letter (optional) and resume to Watershed Outreach & Education Coordinator, Kyleene Rooks at

River Watch Internship

Assisting in the Haw River Assembly’s River Watch Program, this intern position will conduct two River Watch sampling surveys at two different locations throughout the watershed each week. Additionally, being responsible for inputting the data into an existing spreadsheet. This sample data will include biologic and chemical parameters, as well as macroinvertebrate sampling. Other duties may include assisting in ongoing sampling studies and logging different stream survey locations in Google Earth while adding descriptive pop-ups on the map and sharing said information with the public.


To apply please send your cover letter (optional) and resume to Haw Riverkeeper, Emily Sutton at

Microplastics Internship

Swim Guide Internship