Haw River Assembly protects the Haw River Watershed.

This includes nine hundred and twenty miles of streams feeding into the Haw along the 110 miles of the river, the 14,000 acres of Jordan Lake, and the plants, animals, and people who depend on the river. We work as advocates to stop pollution through with our Haw Riverkeeper, and are building a watershed community that supports clean water through our outreach, education and water quality monitoring programs

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The "Virtual" Learning Celebration is Happening Now!

For 30 years we have put on this fantastic river education program, bringing over 48,000 children to “The Best Field Trip Ever! But this year, due to Covid -19, we’re taking it online! We’ve created 6 episodes on video to capture the wonder and magic of the interactive programs we do each fall on the river with 4th-graders!

Watch Episode 1 “Stream Watch – What’s in the Water? and Episode 2 “Water Protectors” now, and check our our website for descriptions, and links to all six episodes as we upload them on Vimeo. Go to: http://hawriver.org/the-virtual-haw-river-learning-celebration-now-online/

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NC Denies Key Permit for MVP Southgate!

Thanks to all of you who told the state to deny the 401 permit that would have let MVP destroy miles of streams in the Haw River watershed through Alamance and Rockingham counties!

The permit was denied outright, meaning there were no conditions under which MVP Southgate could make corrections and resubmit. NCDEQ’s denial letter focused predominantly on the failures of the MVP mainline through WVA and Virginia. “The uncertainty of the MVP Mainline Project’s completion presents a critical risk to the achievability of the fundamental purpose of MVP Southgate ……it is inappropriate to unnecessarily risk impacting high-quality waters and drinking water supplies of North Carolinians.”

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Pittsboro: Act NOW on Water Contamination

Pittsboro Mayor and Commissioners have known about harmful toxins in the town water supply for over three years now. These include PFAS compounds and 1,4-dioxane, industrial pollutants from upriver cities. State agency staff and academic researchers have deemed Pittsboro’s water supply “undrinkable.” Pittsboro elected officials must take leadership and address this water crisis head on. We have laid out several paths for this leadership, and urge Pittsboro leadership to act immediately to protect the people of Pittsboro. Please see our letter to Pittsboro leaders, share, and send in your own letters to Mayor Nass and the Board of Commissioners. More info

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State Denies Chatham Park's 404 Permit Application

On June 1, the NC Division of Water Resources (DWR) sent a letter to Chatham Park Investors (CPI) and NC DOT denying their application for the 401 Certification. No work can be done in Chatham Park for the North Village development that would impact or destroy streams and wetlands, without the 401 Certification. DWR told CPI that the 401 application was denied due to a large number of reasons – including an incomplete analysis of indirect and cumulative impacts and incomplete stormwater management information.

See more information at http://hawriver.org/river-issues/chatham-park/

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PFAS Legislation introduced in NC House of Representatives

Representative Pricey Harrison has introduced three new PFAS bills into the 2020 legislative session for the House of Representatives. 
House Bill 1108- PFAS Contamination Mitigation Measures
House Bill 1109- PFAS Manufacture/Use/Sale Ban
House Bill 1110- PFAS Studies
These bills would call for the elimination of use in North Carolina, disclosure requirements from discharges, and enforcement from Department of Environmental Quality, among many others. 
Please review the bills, sponsors and co-sponsors, and contact your state representative to ask for their support of these bills! 

Read more about House Bill 1108 here (download)

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