Wild & Scenic Film Festival

Join Us In Person!

The Haw River Assembly is hosting the nationally recognized Wild & Scenic Film Festival in person again – and this time we’re giving you two screenings!

Join us for a night of environmental and adventure films that depict the beauty of the natural world, the challenges facing our planet, especially climate change, and the work communities are doing to protect people and the environment. The films inspire activism and call us all to protect the places we love.

Tickets Available Online Soon

Tuesday, November 2 Carolina Theater, Greensboro

Enjoy a night of fun in Downtown Greensboro for our first screening at the Carolina Theatre. Doors will open at 6PM, so stop by early to meet our sponsors for the evening, get your raffle tickets, purchase some popcorn, beer or wine and get comfortable for an evening where activism gets inspired. The show will begin at 7PM – tickets available online soon!

Thursday, November 4 Varsity Theater, Chapel Hill

Enjoy a night of fun in the heart of Chapel Hill for our fifth annual screening of the Wild & Scenic Film Festival at the Varsity Theatre. Doors will open at 6:30PM, so stop by early to meet our sponsors for the evening, get your raffle tickets, purchase some popcorn, beer or wine and get comfortable for an evening where activism gets inspired. The show will begin at 7PM – tickets available online soon!

2021 Films

Matagi Mālohi: Strong Winds –The Pacific Climate Warriors, born out of the low-lying Pacific Islands, are an indigenous and youth lead movement who now have been on the front lines of climate change for decades — their rally cry is “we are not drowning, we are fighting.” In their own words “Matagi Mālohi tells the story of our journey to uplift our people and shape a narrative that paints us not as victims of the climate crisis but as the leaders, the healers, the nurturers, the artists, the gardeners, the growers, the seafarers, and the navigators we are.”

A Fisher’s Right to Know – Fishers throughout East Alabama depend on the mighty Coosa River for food, recreation, and a family pastime that goes back generations. But do fishermen and women–and their families -have a right to know which fish are safe to consume? Not currently in Alabama, the River State. Coosa Riverkeeper and other advocates are working to give fishers across the entire state that right.

Baked Fish – What happens if there is so much plastic waste floating in the oceans that the fish disappear? Baked Fish – Peix al forn is an ironic vision of the future.

Dear Mother Nature – Wyn Wiley (he/him), aka Pattie Gonia (she/her), has made waves over the past year as an environmental advocate drag queen. We follow Wyn as he travels to Hawaii to see first-hand the impacts of careless consumption and plastics on Mother Nature. Wyn meets with scientists, non-profit leaders, volunteers, then rallies the Pattie community to lead a beach clean-up. Ultimately, Wyn partners with sustainable fashion designer, Angela Luna, to create three dresses that personify the plastics crisis.


A Message from the Future of Paradise – In 2018, the historic Camp Fire destroyed the town of Paradise, CA and killed 85 people. In its wake, the community gathered to talk about their values and enact them in the rebuilding. Their vision ensured housing and employment for the survivors, and an economy and community that are resilient in disaster and in harmony with nature. A Message From The Future of Paradise is set 50 years in the future and reflects on the rebuilding process in Paradise. It is comprised of 12 original paintings documented from start to finish with stop-motion. Stroke by stroke the artist creates each painting, mirroring the process of a community manifesting a vision. With each step, the vision becomes clearer. The film is a blueprint for communities around the world who are facing disastrous conditions and seek to create a better world.

Water Flows Together – Through the voice of Colleen Cooley, one of the few female Diné (Navajo) river guides on the San Juan River, Water Flows Together elevates the importance of acknowledging Indigenous land in outdoor recreation. The film is a meditation on the challenges Colleen and her community have faced, the kinship she has with the San Juan River, and the unique opportunities her role as a river guide affords as she seeks to create positive change.

Here We Stand For generations, conservation has been about keeping people from places. Now, Save the Redwoods League and Teresa Baker ask what it would look like for conservation to include all people, even those that normally are in the margins.

24 Leeches – One part family adventure, one part environmental film, 24 Leeches is a tribute to a father’s best friend and adventure partner, his 10-year-old son. 24 Leeches documents a family canoe adventure to the Slate Islands of Ontario, Canada and more importantly a way of life.

Strike with Us 9 year old Hawkeye Huey has been hearing a lot about climate change and the climate crisis we are facing, and it’s freaking him out! He – and every other child – has the right to a safe environment. This film was built to help support and drive attention to the ongoing Youth Climate Strikes happening around the world demanding action from our politicians. If you are freaked out too, then join us, and students around the world, in this fight.

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