Wild & Scenic Film Festival

Thursday, August 20th, 2020

The Haw River Assembly is hosting the nationally recognized Wild & Scenic Film Festival again, and this time we’re going virtual!

During this time of unrest and concern surrounding the pandemic, your safety is our number one priority. That’s why we’ve decided the best place to host this year’s film festival is from home. So join us for a night of environmental and adventure films that depict the beauty of the natural world, the challenges facing our planet, especially climate change, and the work communities are doing to protect people and the environment. The films inspire activism and call us all to protect the places we love. 

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What Else Has Changed About This Year’s Festival?

Good news is – not much! Just like previous years we’ll be announcing films and bringing you films that convey the values we hold as an organization. However, as this is our first time hosting the event virtually, there are some minor changes. 

  • Receiving Your Streaming Link: when purchasing your ticket you will be promoted to give your email address for receipts and reminders about the upcoming event. This is the email you will receive your streaming link the day of the event.
  • 5 Days of Additional Streaming: we understand that we’ve asked you to rearrange your schedule. Watching from home can mean juggling a number of things for you including getting family together, planning around dinner or even finding way to entertain children. That’s why we wanted to make sure to provide you and your loved ones with every opportunity to participate in this year’s festival! 
  • Raffle Tickets & Prizes: we will still be hosting a raffle this year! All ticket levels come with one raffle ticket. There is also an optional “Raffle Ticket” that allows you to purchase 3 additional raffle tickets at a discounted price. This ticket however, doesn’t come with the streaming link, so be mindful of that. The difference between this year and previous years, is that we will be drawing raffles in advanced so we can provide the proper recordings to Wild & Scenic. Raffle winners will be announced the days of the festival during intermission and at the end of showing, but raffle tickets sales will end Wednesday, August 5th at 4PM

Tickets Available Online Now

2020 Raffle Items

  • "Sandhill Crane" limited edition print by Nathalie Worthington

List of Films We’re Showing

In Your Hands – Visceral imagery, emotional score, and a powerful speech by John F. Kennedy underscore a timeless theme: we come from the sea. In Your Hands invites viewers to look inward and rediscover our connection with – and responsibility to – the natural world.

This Land – Runner and advocate Faith E. Briggs used to run through the streets of Brooklyn every morning. Now she’s running 150 miles through three National Monuments that lie in the thick of the controversy around United States public lands.

Sanctuary – Set against the backdrop of the North Umpqua’s most famous tributary, Steamboat Creek, which was recently designated as the Frank and Jeanne Moore Wild Steelhead Sanctuary, filmmaker Shane Anderson documents how these famed waters impacted Soul River, a group of veterans and urban youth as they learn about steelhead trout research by Pacific Rivers and meet conservation heroes Frank and Jeanne Moore. Sanctuary explores the healing powers of wild places and rivers and the need to create more sanctuaries on public lands.

L’eau Est La Vie (Water Is Life): From Standing Rock to the Swamps – On the banks of Louisiana, fierce Indigenous women are ready to fight—to stop the corporate blacksnake and preserve their way of life. They are risking everything to protect Mother Earth from the predatory fossil fuel companies that seek to poison it.

Hidden Rivers of Southern Appalachia – This film explores the rivers and streams of the Southern Appalachian region, North America’s most biologically rich waters. Hidden Rivers follows the work of conservation biologists and explorers throughout the region, and reveals both the beauty and vulnerability of these ecosystems.

Where the Wild Things Keep Playing – An ode to the athlete who relishes in getting dirty, who chuckles after a long day in the mountains, effortlessly glides through the crystal clear waves and most importantly, is unapologetic in pursuing their love of getting rowdy in adventures. Director Krystle Wright brings this next installment since the wild things never stopped playing.


See Animals – This short, animated film shows unwelcome changes in an uncertain future.

The Guardian Elephant Warriors of Reteti – Reteti Elephant Sanctuary is the first ever community-owned and run elephant sanctuary in Africa. This oasis where orphans grow up, learning to be wild so that one day they can rejoin their herds, is as much about the people as it is about elephants. It’s a powerful story about the changing relationship between people and the animals they are protecting.

Life of Pie – In 2002, mountain bikers and entrepreneurs Jen Zeuner and Anne Keller moved to Fruita, Colorado, in search of cheap rent, world-class single track, and free time to ride. Over 15 years later, the two unconventional women have helped reshape one of the state’s most conservative towns, uniting the community through advocacy, inclusivity, and damn good pizza. 

Greenland Melts – A film about the work of Dr. Konrad Steffen, one of the world’s leading climate scientists. Dr. Steffen has been monitoring the melting of the Greenlandic Ice Sheet for over 25 years through a series of remote unmanned data collection stations. Filmed at Swiss Camp, Polar Research Station, Greenland. 69 degrees latitude, 49 degrees longitude.

Stand with Indigenous People of Brazil, the Amazon and Climate – The Amazon Rainforest and Brazil’s Indigenous peoples are under increasing attack with President Bolsonaro and his regime’s devastating assaults on social and environmental protections. Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network (WECAN) International organized travels in New York for Sônia Bone Guajajara, a prominent Indigenous leader, to denounce Bolsonaro’s assaults, and to advocate for the rights of Indigenous Peoples, the climate, and the protection of the Amazon.

Who’s Your Farmer – Farming is a practice that impacts our health, our environment, our communities and our world. Knowing from where our food really comes and how safely it is grown is becoming increasingly difficult. This film explores farming in Alabama through the eyes of local farmers all across the state that care about the land, the water, and the people they feed.

Your Rivers Need You – The Red River in Kentucky was slated to be dammed in the early 60s and young landowner Joe Bowen supported it. He even gave the speech in favor of the dam against Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas and the Sierra Club. Not anymore. “In 75 years of living, I’ve changed my attitude about this wild river. The river is ours. So if it’s ours, then it’s also our responsibility. I want my great-grandchildren to see what I have seen.”

Every Nine Minutes – Every nine minutes, the weight of a blue whale (300,000 pounds) in plastic makes its way into our ocean. To call attention to this, the Monterey Bay Aquarium built a life-sized replica of a blue whale made of single-use, locally sourced plastic trash. Certified by Guinness World Records, the whale is the largest sculpture of its kind ever built.

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