Take a Hike in the Haw Watershed!

Here’s a list we put together of public trails in our watershed – from the headwaters in Guilford County  to trails through old mills towns in Alamance, along the big white waters of the State Natural Area in Chatham, and along creeks, wetlands and lakes.  Please follow all Covid-19 guidance, staying 6 ft apart from others you do not share a household with, stepping off trails or waiting to let others pass.  Please do not use trails when they are crowded, and bring a trash bag to leave nature a little happier than when you came. Most facilities such as restrooms and playgrounds are closed due to Covid -19 precautions Some state park  and other trails are opening on May 9, go to their website to find out.  All of Jordan Lake State Recreation Area is still closed, except for the re-opening of Robeson Creek boat and canoe launches, no trails.  See our list at http://hawriver.org/about-the-river/recreation/

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