Sustainable Farms – Protecting Water Quality


Turkey or other meat on your holiday menu? Show your appreciation for environmentally conscious farmers who raise meat sustainably using traditional techniques. Corporate-controlled industrial animal operations are one of the leading contributors to water pollution across North Carolina. But there are farmers throughout our state striving to provide high-quality food without harming their local communities. And they deserve our thanks and our business.

Please choose to make your holiday meals even more special by purchasing from true family farms and pledging to buy sustainably and humanely raised meat. And when you make your purchase, be sure to thank the farmer for taking steps to protect our environment. See the big list of sustainable livestock farmers in the Haw Watershed that you can buy from!  And for vegetable lovers we urge you to support the amazing number of organic farmers we  have in our watershed – many sell at local farmer’s markets that are open in the winter months!

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