Working Together to Stop Mountain Valley Pipeline Southgate

The Mountain Valley Pipeline project, a fracked gas pipeline ending in Virginia, includes the proposal for the Southgate extension, an additional 70 miles, going through Rockingham and Alamance Counties,  crossing streams, and running adjacent to the Haw.    MVP has not yet gotten the more than 20 federal and state permits needed to proceed — and the state has told FERC that they do not think the pipeline is needed. (MVP) Southgate project is now awaiting approval from NC Department of Environmental Quality (NCDEQ) for the 401 permit to allow stream crossings. The state alone has the ability to approve or deny this permit, and NCDEQ has denied the permit once and delayed it again. MVP Southgate has provided more information in response to a request from NCDEQ. The Final Environmental Impact Statement from the Federal Energy Regulatory Committee has also been released.  Due to the state of emergency caused by COVID-19, we have also urged NCDEQ and Governor Cooper to suspend MVP Southgate permitting procedures and actions until the coronavirus emergency declaration has been lifted. Governor Cooper and NC DEQ should be taking all necessary steps to ensure that the public, and especially the most affected communities, can exercise their full legal right to submit comments. o

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