Reading Commented Lab Notes in VoiceThread

When you click on the commented Lab Notes, you will go to VoiceThread, a site that allows you to read documents and comment (if authorized). These tips are handy when using VoiceThread:

–To get a closer view, click on the page. You can move your mouse to move around on the page.

–Move to the bottom of the page to access the menu.

–Below the Play/Pause icon is a bar which indicates the comments–you can click on this bar to go to a comment again.

–To stay on a page, click the Pause icon. To continue, click Play again, or click on a commenter’s photo.

–To reread a comment, click on the commenter’s photo.

–If you are authorized, you may make a comment. To type in a comment, click on “Comment”, then click on “Type”. Enter your comment. Then, you can select a color from the color wheel and draw with your mouse. When done, click on Save.

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