Profits Over People: FERC grants MVP Southgate the Certificate of Public Convenience & Necessity



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We are disheartened by this news: FERC Grants the Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity to Mountain Valley Pipeline Southgate Extension into North Carolina.

We are witnessing our decision makers being bought out by massive fossil fuel interests, instead of the 38,000 voices of opposition sent to FERC and the thousands of other neighbors in the watershed whom they represent. These legislators have incredible influence over our regulatory agencies, as the legislators provide them with their operating budgets.

This decision prioritizes the profits of private companies over the health and safety of our environment and our communities. Let us use this moment to raise awareness and discuss next steps in fighting this pipeline.

Next steps: North Carolina has authority to approve or deny the 401 permit, which allows MVP Southgate to cross streams. We are waiting on the application to be submitted and then we will be creating talking points for community members to submit comments to NCDEQ (North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality) urging them to deny that permit.

Remember, your voice matters. Let’s work towards a future when decisions made by these governing bodies prioritize the well-being of the Haw River and North Carolinians’ access to clean and safe drinking water.

e Haw River Assembly is a 501(c)(3) non-profit citizens’ group founded in 1982 to restore and protect the Haw River and Jordan Lake. If you would like more information on this event and topic, please email

Emily Sutton, Haw Riverkeeper:

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