Earth Day Gallery of the Haw

HRA members shared some favorite photos they took of the Haw River, it’s creeks, Jordan Lake, and of the plants and animals that live here. Thanks to all of them for sharing with us!

Let’s Protect This Place We Love!

Barred Owl, Mike Dunn
Altamahaw dam, Elaine Chiosso
Haw River and Old Pace’s Mill bridge ruins, Cynthia Crossen
Otter on Haw River, Dr. Kevin Ricker
Saxapahaw Island view of dam, Bill Brennan
Beaver on Haw River, Dr. Kevin Ricker
Glencoe dam, Brian Baker
Upper Haw River, Guilford Co. Elaine Chiosso
Blackpoll warbler, Mary Sonis
Heron on Haw, Suzy Lawrence
Saxapahaw, Janet Schaeffer
Snowy branch across stream, Ken Crossen
Heron near Speed Rock, Bynum Joy Hewett
Dragonfly, Aaron Honeycutt
Herndon Creek, Peter Theye
Scarlet Tanager, Mike Dunn
Jordan Lake, Elaine Chiosso
Osprey, Dr. Kevin Ricker
Saxapahaw, Judith Brooks
Muskrat, Dr. Kevin Ricker
Lower Haw River State Natural Area, Joy Hewett
Box turtle, Aaron Honeycutt
Zebra swallowtail, Mike Dunn
Heron on Haw River, Elaine Chiosso
Redbud leaf, Emily Sutton
Jordan Lake sunset, Elaine Chiosso
Cricket frog, Mike Dunn
Pinxter azalea, Mike Dunn
Lower Haw River State Natural Area, Elaine Chiosso