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Haw River dangerous in High Water

See the USGS river flow prediction here.  The river is dangerous during high water due to strong currents and pollution from stormwater and sewage overflows. Sewer overflows from upriver cities such as Greensboro and Burlington are common in heavy rain

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Swim Guide in the time of COVID19

We are starting our second year of our Swim Guide program. We collect and analyze water samples E-coli bacteria at popular swimming locations before each summer weekend, and publicize the results as pass/fail for safety.  Get the Swim Guide at

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Small Farmers are supporting our communities, let’s return the favor.

Sustainable farmers are not taking days off during this challenging time, working harder than ever to get food to their communities. They are going above and beyond to supply healthy produce and meats through Community Supported Agriculture, and taking all

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New On-line Resources

We hope all of you are safe and well We want you to know that we are here for you, and continuing to work for clean water during this time of Covid-19 . Although our office is closed to the

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River Issues: Industrial Contaminants

For the next few weeks, we are going to be sharing some videos that explain threats to the Haw and what we do at Haw River Assembly to protect our watershed from those pollution threats. One issue that has been

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Take a Hike in the Haw Watershed!

Here’s a list we put together of public trails in our watershed – from the headwaters in Guilford County  to trails through old mills towns in Alamance, along the big white waters of the State Natural Area in Chatham, and

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National Environmental Protection Act under attack

PROTECT NEPA The nation’s bedrock environmental law is under attack from the Trump administration. We need your help to fight back. The Trump administration is working to strip away public input, a core component of the National Environmental Policy Act

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New 2020 HRA Series: Saturdays on the Haw

Join us each month for a Saturday hike, seminar, paddle  and more! All events are free. More information and registration HEREFebruary 22nd: Advocacy Training:   Haw Riverkeeper Emily Sutton, will lead a seminar about the best ways to make effective change

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Haw River Rocks!

What created the rock outcroppings in the Haw? What kind of rocks are they?  How old are they? These and many more questions are answered in the new  Haw River Geology Guide. Phil Bradley, Piedmont Geologist with the North Carolina

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Working Together to Stop Mountain Valley Pipeline Southgate

The Mountain Valley Pipeline project, a fracked gas pipeline ending in Virginia, includes the proposal for the Southgate extension, an additional 70 miles, going through Rockingham and Alamance Counties,  crossing streams, and running adjacent to the Haw.    MVP has

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