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It is so incredibly important for YOU, right now, to contact your representatives. Our wetlands need your voice!

Act now! The NC Farm Act has passed the Senate, so House representatives could still remove the language that strips protections from our wetlands! We need to prevent this from happening! Take language directly from Emily’s legislative blog (here) to

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MVP Southgate Pipeline News: May, 2023

MVP Southgate representative Shawn Day posted a tweet last week, stating they expect to file a request for extension by June 18. We have yet to see that request. In anticipation of that request, we have asked Federal and State

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North Carolina Legislative Update! 5/19/23

Many of the bills we were concerned about failed to make crossover, which is the deadline for bills to get through their chamber committees and pass on the chamber floor for a full vote. Bills that did meet that crossover deadline will

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Why Public Comment Periods Matter So Much

Public comment processes can seem daunting, inconvenient, and full of challenges to find the notices and information. This is often by design. Public comment on permits and legislative decisions are so powerful, that permittees often wait to submit applications until

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Alamance County Hall of Shame! A Message from Mike!

Last week during regular sedimentation monitoring in Alamance County, three more building sites were identified with insufficient and failing sediment control measures, all of which were allowing unfiltered runoff to leave sites and enter basins and streams or directly drain

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