2021 Summer Swim Guide

It’s summer, and a great time to head to your favorite swimming, wading or tubing spot. We’re monitoring favorite swimming places on the Haw River and at Jordan Lake this summer. Sites get a green swimmer logo for SAFE and a red logo for UNSAFE based on E-coli counts.

For the weekend of September 3 – Labor Day – 10 of the eleven sites we monitor had safe results (chart at left). Remember: water quality can change quickly for the worse after storms – and never swim in floodwaters!

We publish the Swim Guide results each Friday through Labor Day in our E-newsletter (sign up on our home page) or look for it on our website, or Facebook and Instagram pages. You can subscribe to text updates by texting HAW to (844) 956-1139. Download the Swim Guide app for free on your smartphone. See more info at https://hawriver.org/swim-guide/

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