River Cleanup

Coming Soon:

The Haw River Assembly’s 31st Annual Haw River Clean-Up-A-Thon 

 As we roll out the red carpet for the upcoming year we wanted to share that we are planning to host our 31st Annual Haw River Clean-Up-A-Thon! So start scouting your clean up spots along the river, because we’ve got bags and gloves ready for you on Saturday, March 21st, 2020. Of course, the event is subject to change, but we will continue to abide by CDC Guidelines & Recommendations when it comes to managing group sizes and other safety concerns for outdoor events.

Until then, we encourage all our members and volunteers to get out and hike the beautiful trails along the Haw River and Jordan Lake during this stressful time.  Find out where trails are here on our website. Bring a trash bag with you – if we all pick up a little trash, it adds up to a lot, and keeps it out of our waters.

Thank you to our 2020 Clean Up A Thon Sponsors!

We appreciate your support for our work!

Thank You to all the 2019 Haw River Clean-Up-A-Thon Volunteers!

On March 16th,we hosted the Haw River Clean-Up-Thon – our 29thannual watershed-wide effort to remove trash from creeks, streams, and the Haw River. The event also raises awareness about the impacts of our consumption habits and brings people together at the river and local creeks! Enthusiasm for this cleanup continues to grow, and this year over 456 volunteers at 30 different sites removed 606 bags of trash, 64 tires, and many other large items from local creeks and the Haw River during the cleanup! WOW! See details below!

Check out our Facebook page for more photos!