Pittsboro and Chatham Park Oppose State’s Letter Telling them To Protect the Haw River

The Haw River Assembly (HRA) believes that the public deserves to know that the Town of Pittsboro and Chatham Park have brought contested cases before the Office of Administrative Hearing in regards to the May 3, 2018 letter from NC Division of Water Quality. The letter informed Pittsboro that they needed to follow the mitigation strategies for new development (north of Hwy 64) for greater protections for the Haw River, especially wider stream buffers and enhanced stormwater management. Pittsboro had committed to these strategies in the EIS (environmental impact statement) that was part of their 2010 NPDES (wastewater) permit.  Through public record requests we have found out about the contested cases and that there is a stay on the cases while discussions take place between the parties.  All of us who will be impacted by Chatham Park development need to know what is being discussed, and how it will impact the protection of land and waters.

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