MVP Southgate Draft Environment Impact Statement Talking Points

Mountain Valley Pipeline Southgate Extension: Why it’s bad and how you can fight it

The Mountain Valley Pipeline is a fracked gas pipeline that, if built, would carry gas from the fracking fields of West Virginia into southwest Virginia. It has severe implications for our health, water, climate and communities. In fact, MVP has committed over 300 violations of commonsense water protections in Virginia alone, and its construction is not even close to complete yet. Now, the polluting corporations behind the project want to extend it into North Carolina into Rockingham and Alamance counties in  a project they call “Southgate.”

The MVP Southgate Project is not in the public interest. Not only will it create permanent adverse impacts on the local environment, it will also contribute to several more decades of global climate pollution. Studies show that existing gas infrastructure is more than sufficient to meet regional energy needs for residents and industry. Therefore, the primary beneficiaries of the pipeline will be private companies.  The Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) issued by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) fails to provide adequate information for public comment and fully account for all of the environmental threats posed by the MVP extension. You can help stop this dirty, dangerous project by filing comments directly with FERC.  Read how to file comments and our full talking points at:

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