Industrial Contaminants in Drinking Water

Our continuing concern about industrial contaminants in the Haw River – and in Pittsboro’s drinking water.We have a new handout on our concerns about the levels of PFAS and 1.4-dioxane in the Haw River. Pittsboro is the only municipality in our watershed that uses the Haw River as it’s source for drinking water. Contamination from industrial chemicals in the upper part of the Haw River watershed are exceeding EPA health guidance standards and are also contaminating drinking water sources in downstream communities on the Cape Fear River (which the Haw flows into) including Fayetteville and Wilmington

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Pittsboro Forum on Drinking Water Oct. 16

Over 200 people attended a public forum on Oct. 16 to address the issue of contaminated drinking water  in the town of Pittsboro, The meeting was organized by the Haw River Assembly and the panel moderated by Haw Riverkeeper, Emily Sutton.

Panelists were:

Dr. Detlaf Knappe​,​ Civil Construction and Environmental Engineering at NC State
Dr. Heather Stapleton​,​ environmental chemist at Duke​ University​
Dr. Jamie Bagma​,​ ​Environmental biology art UNC Chapel Hill
Dr. Zack Moore​,​ NC Dept. of Health and Human Services
Julie Grzyb​,​ NCDEQ Permitting Office
Linda Culpepper​,​ Director Division of Water Resources

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