Disappointing Vote for the Trees in Chatham Park!

The Pittsboro Town Board passed the Tree Protection Element Monday night after a last round of lengthy discussions. Mayor Perry, and Board members John Bonitz and Bett Wilson made a valiant attempt to get Chatham Park’s lawyer and consultant to put language in the Element that would protect more of the existing trees, but in the end, could not get a third vote from Board members Michael Fiocco, Pamela Baldwin or Jay Farrell.
Still–it’s a stronger ordinance than it would have been without so much advocacy from the community,  and the efforts of our allies on the Board.  More of the existing forest near the Haw River will be preserved, and every tree we saved counts. We have raised awareness about the importance of trees and forests for our water, air, wildlife, climate change mitigation and our own health.  We will continue to challenge Chatham Park to be protective of the environment, as new decisions are made about how they will develop.
We will continue to Speak for the Trees and the River

See more about environmental issues in Chatham Park  http://hawriver.org/river-issues/chatham-park/


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