Haw River is running high!

The Haw River is still high after the last flood.  Stay out of the river – high water level and stormwater pollution make it  dangerous.

CAUTION to PADDLERS: The Haw River is very dangerous at high flow.  Go to the USGS  current conditions at Bynum  to check the current river level.   Open boats such as canoes should not put in when the water is above 5.7 feet on the Bynum gauge. When the river is between 5.1 and 5.7, experience in controlling a boat in whitewater is necessary.  Even experienced kayakers can get in trouble in high water where floating and submerged trees create major hazards.   Novices with little white water experience should stay out when the gauge is above normal flow -about 4.7 feet. ALWAYS WEAR A PERSONAL FLOTATION DEVICE!  Helmets are recommended in whitewater.

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